1. Enter your loved one's BOP # / Inmate Booking # / Inmate ID #
    This uniquely identifies who you are sending your pics to. 
  2. Supply your contact details
    Supply your contact details and your name and we will let your loved one know who is sending the picture gift.  Your information is treated as confidential.
  3. Upload your pictures you want printed and sent to your loved one
    Typically you can send up to 25 pictures per order (if you choose 4x6 type size) to your loved one in 1 order or many more if you choose to send Contact Sheets (Contact sheets are single side 8" x 11" glossy pages with 35 picture thumbnails, also useful when you want your loved one to pick the pictures they prefer)
  4. Choose print options
    You may choose to print a Contact Sheet or to print 4 x 6's or both.
  5. Pay using your Credit or Debit card or Paypal account
    Make the one-time payment for your payment using your preferred payment source.

That's it ! Your loved one / friend will soon be enjoying their gift delivered to them :)